czwartek, 4 kwietnia 2013

Informacja - Hir angolul

Kivételesen egy információ angolul:
Inkub on his blog (!/2013/04/wywiad-z-tworcami-ogniem-i-mieczem.html) will soon publish an interview with authors of “By Fire and Sword”, historical wargame set in 17 c. Eastern Europe. Publisher of this game, Wargamer company, will start Kickstarter campaign soon, to help publish game in English version. So if you have any questions regarding game itself, development plans, supplements, dates, miniatures, terrein sets - in short, questions regarding Wargamer future plans - please, write them down as a commentary under this note. Wargamer will answer most interesting (or most frequently asked) questions in Miniwojna’s interview. Three randomly chosen authors of published questions will receive free unit boxed sets for “By Fire and Sword” game. Prizes will be ready to be picked up at any of Wargamer’s stores, at Wargamer’s booth at the Salute 2013 or they will be added to the mail order.
Szerintem érdemes megkérdezni, hátha valakinek lesz “hadi"szerencse. Egébként Inkub blogja nagyon érdekes.

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